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Privacy Policy

BIOadvanture recognise our responsibilities in relation to the collection, use, disclosure and other processing and storage of personal data including the rights of the owner of the personal data according to the personal data protection law.


This personal information collection statement ("privacy statement") provides you with notice as to how your personal data is collected, what personal data is collected, for what purposes your personal data is collected, used, disclosed or transferred, to whom your personal data may be disclosed or transferred, and how to access, amend and otherwise exercise your rights in respect of your personal data. You are required to read and understand this statement, before giving your consent for us to collect, use, disclose and otherwise process your personal data. If you are less than 20 years old, your parental consent is additionally required.


When do we collect personal information ?

We collect the personal information either directly or indirectly through the following channels:


  • Subscription/Member

  • Form

  • Email

  • Telephone

  • Line Account

  • Facebook Login

  • Google Login 


What personal information do we collect ?

We collect and use personal information in accordance with the scope of the service by collecting information as necessary and useful under the law as follows:

  • Personal information such as name, surname, age, date of birth, nationality, ID card number, passport, etc.

  • Contact information such as address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.

  • Account information such as user accounts, usage history, etc.

  • Proof of identity such as a copy of your ID card, copy of passport, etc.

  • Transactional and financial information such as order history, credit card details, bank accounts, etc.

  • Technical information such as IP address, Cookie ID, website usage history (Activity Log), etc.

  • Information that you use our services

  • Other information such as pictures, animations and any other information that is considered personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


Retaining personal data

We will retain your personal data in hardcopy and electronic form.


We keep your personal information as follows:

  • Overseas server providers


Purposes for which personal data is collected, used or disclosed

Personal data is collected or may be used, disclosed or transferred for the following purposes:


  • to create and manage user accounts

  • to deliver goods or services

  • to improve a product, service or user experience

  • for management within the company

  • for marketing and promotion

  • for after sales service

  • to collect feedback

  • to comply with the laws and regulations of government agencies


Disclosure of personal information

We may disclose your personal information to others under your consent or as permitted by law, as follows:


Internal management

We may disclose your personal information within the Company to the extent necessary to improve and develop our products or services. We may collect internal information for products or services under this policy for the greater benefit of you and others.


Business partners

We may share certain information with business partners to contact and coordinate the provision of goods or services and provide necessary information.


Period of retention of personal information

We will keep your personal information only as required by law or as necessary for the purpose of collecting such information. We will delete or destroy personal information when we see that collecting that information is not necessary for the purposes stated.


Rights of personal data subject

Under the Personal Data Protection Law, you have the right to:

  • Right to withdraw consent

  • Right to access

  • Right to data portability

  • Right to object

  • Right to erasure/destruction 

  • Right to restriction of processing

  • Right to rectification

  • Right to lodge a complaint


You can use your rights as the above personal data subject by contacting our Personal Data Protection Officer as detailed at the end of this policy. We will notify you of the results within 30 days from the date we receive your request to use your rights. If we decline a request, we will inform you of the reason via various channels such as text message (SMS), email, phone call, letter, etc.


Advertising and Marketing

We use your information to analyze and improve our products or services and marketing through Google, Facebook, pixel tracking code, etc. We use such information to make our products or services suitable for you.


We may send information or newsletters to your email address. The purpose is to offer something interesting to you. If you no longer wish to receive our communications from us via email, you can either click “unsubscribe” in the email link or reach out to our email address.


Use of cookies

Cookies are information on the website sent to the web browser of the service provider to make customers comfortable in using the website. It also helps to study overall platform visitor behavior and to develop the website to be accessed more easily, quickly, and efficiently.

However, the customer may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on their browser. Rejecting the cookies may affect the access to some of our functions.


Security of personal data

We will maintain the security of your personal data in accordance with the principles of confidentiality (confidentiality), accuracy (integrity) and condition for use (availability) in order to prevent loss, access, use, change, alteration or disclosure. We will also provide measures to maintain the security of personal data which covers Administrative safeguards, technical safeguards and physical safeguards regarding the  access control of your personal data.


Notification of personal data breach

In the event of a breach of your personal data, we will notify the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commission without delay within 72 hours from the time we are aware of the cause. In case the infringement has a high risk of affecting your rights and freedoms, we will notify you of violations with remedies without delay through various channels such as website, text message (SMS), email, phone call, letter, etc.


Amendments to the Privacy Policy

We may revise this policy from time to time. You can find the revised terms and conditions of this policy through our website.


Privacy Policy of Other Sites

This Privacy Policy applies only to the provision of products, services and use of the Website for our customers. If you visit other websites, the protection of personal information is subject to the privacy policy of that website which we are not affiliated with.


Our contact details

If you would like to ask about this Privacy Policy including a requesting to exercise rights, you can contact us or our Personal Data Protection Officer as follows:



Telephone number : +66817002626

Email :

Address : 182, 2nd Fl., Si Phraya, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 THAILAND


This policy was last revised and effective as of 16/05/2023

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